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Daily Archives, September 2004
September 2004
September 1
  News: Reader mail on housing prices around the US, Dooce proves bloggers really are crazy, laughable 20/20 report on Internet Porn, AVP lies exposed.
  Essay: News:
suspicious murder in China, 9/11 toys you know you want, and the continuing decline in elected officials, spotlighted by Rep. Dennis Hastert and his slander of George Soros.

September 3
  News: Todai lunch discussed, non-shopping at the mall, another reason we're not ready, my walking speed into and out of stores varies greatly, RNC fun: Cheney and Zell pose for Halloween masks, the election becomes a referendum on democracy, Zell does his hatchet work and gets disowned.
Yeti Sports big wave discussed, and a quick D2 tidbit. 

September 6
  News: Weekend update, an inability to buy anything at The Gap even with a gift cert to burn, the hottest weekend of the year, my car gets hit again and fills me with doubt about ever driving a nice car.
Cat photos, Jinx's bushy tail, Dusty sleeps like the dead, and Malaya makes an appearance. 

September 8
  News: Blackvodka.com?, Yeti Sports big wave strategy again, Marilyn Manson's cover of Personal Jesus arrives, Devil Finder image search engine praised.
Middlesex talked about, quick excerpt from my book, with caveats galore.

September 10
  News: Mom and stepdad coming to visit soon, measurements in fantasy literature, reader mail on my excerpt and character names.
Movie Reviews: Signs, Master and Commander.  

September 13
  News: Recap below.
Parents' visit recap, Berkeley wandering for food, frantic story rewriting.

September 15
  News: 100 Photos that changed the world, Kill Bil and Matrix softcore porn, cool info about the bizarre Paris underground.
Chapter 2 completed, sort of, measurement in fantasy novels discussed. 

September 17
  News: Imagining the cats in a hypothetical bug-filled world, split reviews on Sky Captain, depressing news galore from Iraq.
CAP Alerts Guy's recent reviews, and my first mail and his reply.

September 20
  News: Autumn arrives with actual precipitation, Malaya grinding through Chapter Two.
Movie Review: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. 

September 22
  News: Losing weight, inches, and being happy about it, MC Diet reflection and lazy cooking habits, the ongoing CBS Bush memo scandals, amusing movie sites.
More CAP Alerts Guy stuff; my 2nd mail to him, his 2nd nitpicking reply to me, and my 3rd mail to him. 

September 24
  News: Amazing shots of pre and post hurricane buildings, kiddy porn hype in the media and reader mail on the subject. 
Reader feedback on the CAP Alerts Guy mails. 

September 27
  News: Blog delays, Malaya's quick feedback on chapter two.
Anticipation and discussion of LotR:RotK super long DVD.

September 29
  News: Book reviews delayed, photos and jokes about the ugly Olympic mascots.
The embarrassing terms and conditions of the US Presidential Debates.


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