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Because I just can't get enough of myself. 

Articles and Editorials

These Articles and Editorials usually appeared in the daily updates to begin with, and were added here afterwards. Content that seems to have more lasting value is edited and sometimes added to, then archived in this section on an appropriate page. Articles are grouped thematically, with recent updates noted. So yes, this is essentially a "best of" blog archive, sorted thematically.

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  • "New" articles were added in the last batch of updates.

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wolves of calla review incomplete

(See the Reviews Section for hundreds of film, television, and book reviews.)

The "Uncanny Valley"
Movie Trailers
Critics and Criticism
Harry Potter Stuff
Clean Flicks
Movie Adaptations vs. Source Books

Stupid TV Ads -- New
American Idol
The Bachelor vs. The Bachelorette

Why Radio Sucks
Clear Channel

Stupid Music Reviews
Country Music
Velvet Revolver

Diablo II
Online: ESPN Flickball
Video Games
Starcraft Ghost

Society and Culture
America vs. The World
Child Rearing
School Silly Rules
Art in the News
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Racial Stereotypes
Conspiracy Theories
April Fool's
Culture Clashes
Darwinian Behavior
US Soldiers = Mercs?

Politics and Government
Ronald Reagan's Legacy
Texas Republican Party
CA 2003 Gubernatorial Recall
Bush vs. Everyone
Bush and his Doggy
The Pledge of Allegiance
Capital Punishment
The 2002 Venezuelan Coup
Ann Coulter
Israel vs. Palestine
Government (in)Action

Commerce and Business
Laundromat Stories
Misc Shopping Stories
Shopping Mall Adventures
DVD Buying Tips
Casino Adventures
Commercial Commentary
Product Malfunctions
Odd Business
Price Club
Shopping in the News
Shopping: Clothing
Ridiculous Patents
Underwear as a Gift
Customer Service Sucks

Law, Crime & Punishment
Weird Murderers
Fighting Back/Vigilantism
Wacky Lawsuits
Tort Reform
Funny Cop Stuff
Police Misconduct
Inept Criminals
Drug Humor
Serial Killers

Language, History, War, & Media
The War on Terror
Media Failings
War and the Media
Words and Language
Weird History
History: 9/11
History: War

The Age of Reason?
Religion and Mythology
Religion vs. Reality
God Signs
The American Family Association
The Ten Commandments
Honor/Shame Islam
Noah's Ark
Nationalism Vs. Religion Vs. Sports Team Preference

Science & Medicine
Drug Addiction -- New
Health Care Issues
Astronomy and Space
Pharmaceutical Issues
Right to Die?
Medical Weirdness
Political Science News
Weird Science News
Has Human Evolution Stopped?
Archeology and Anthropology
Conjoined (Siamese) Twins

Wolves & Imagery -- New
Cat Declawing
Weird Animal News Stories
Pet Food and Diet

Erectile Dysfunction -- New
Men vs. Women
Penis Size Issues
Slutty Fashion Commentary
Women, Porn, & Sex
Playboy Magazine Sucks
Sex Toys
Kiddy Porn
Underaged Sex
Unsafe Sex
SI Swimsuit Issue 2002

Gay Marriage -- New
Gay Issues
Gay Animals

Mel Gibson and Family -- New
Janet Jackson's Boob -- New
Margaret Cho
Nicole Kidman
Eminem vs. Everyone
Rush Limbaugh's Pill Popping
Paris Hilton
Anna Kournikova Topless
Celebrity Skin
The Mystery of Joanne Whalley
Celebrity News Bullshit
Celebrity Crime

Psychological Issues
Psychiatrists: Good & Bad -- New
Materialism & Fashion Peer Pressure -- New
Afraid to Think
Mortality Despair
What Most Annoys Me
Your Childhood Friend's Weird Parents
Friends and Social Relations
The Meaning of Life
Dreams, or the lack thereof

Website Discussion
Email & Online Scams
Hackers & Viruses in the News
Blogs in the News
Online Tests and Surveys
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Online Gaming & Websites
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Event Photos
Oscar's 2004 -- New
American Music Awards 2003
Mtv VMAs 2002
Miscellaneous Event Photos
Fashion Show Photos
Grammy's 2003
Oscar's 2003
May 2003 Tornado Damage
BET Awards 2003

Rush Limbaugh and Black QBs
Racial Issues in Sports
College Basketball?
Sports in the News
The Low Quality of Sports Writing
Inside Sports Info
Stupid Sports Stuff
Fan Behavior
NFL: No Fun 'Lowed!
Superbowl Stuff

Food -- Many more restaurant reviews can be found in the reviews section.
Mad Cow Disease in the US
The Electric Wok
Wine Tasting
The Master Cleanser Journal
The Master Cleanser
Food Oddities
Grocery Shopping
Salty Enough For Ya?
Cooking and Recipes
Dog-Eating Koreans?

Writing & Reading
The Fantasy Novel -- New
My Old Short Stories
Writing for Fame & Profit
Thoughts on Writing
The D2 Novel
MY D2 Column

At Home:
The Halloween Tree
The Joys of Cohabitation
Moving in with Malaya
Home Repair & Improvement
Condom Road Tests
Drinking & Alcohol
Meeting Malaya
Flux Fitness

Away From Home:
Snowboarding Adventures
Xmas 2004, SD & Vegas
Alcohol and Booze Stories
Parental Visits
San Diego Xmas Trip 2003
Martial Arts
Fiesta Filipina 2003
U-Haul Adventure
Granny's Funereal
My Work Stories
Odd Social Interactions
Flux Gets Tested
Flux Gets Fired
LA Trip 2002
Driving Adventures

BlackChampagne.com Stuff
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There were originally capsule descriptions of every article, however as the number of articles grew past 150, and the capsule descriptions fell further and further behind, I gave up on them.  Also, it seemed pointless to include short descriptions of every article when their content is quite clear from the title, in most cases.

If you see any errors in articles (bad links, one article pasted into another article's page, etc) please mail me with the URL of the bad page, so I can fix it.  With so many articles and such frequent additions to them all, errors are bound to creep in.

Also, if you have any comments or feedback on a given article, feel free to send them in. Be sure you specify which article you are mailing about, and if you want your comments kept private let me know, or they'll most likely end up added below the article, in a feedback section.


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