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ost men have at one time of another wanted to cut off their dicks; usually after doing/saying something really stupid with it (the dick) providing the irresistible motivation.  However cutting off your balls is a different story.  There are guys out there who want to though, and who actually do it.  This news story is about an amateur doctor who was arrested after performing his particular surgical specialty, and has apparently done it nearly 50 other times.

A Taiwanese man who claims to have castrated about 50 people and was caught over the weekend with human testicles in the refrigerator of his suburban Detroit home may not have committed any crime, police said on Wednesday.

Lt. Bruce Smith of the Oak Park police department said the 29-year-old man was arrested early on Saturday after he surgically removed the testicles of a Michigan man who was later rushed to a local hospital with severe bleeding.

The would-be doctor was released shortly afterwards, however, because his "patient" had asked to be castrated and was a consenting adult, Smith said.

I like that first line, "people".  Uh, I'd think they were all males, eh?

This one is weird on so many levels, I hardly know where to begin.  They were sitting around afterwards, eating pie?  Why pie?  I mean why not, but why?  The guy must have pretty good technique if the recovery time is that quick.

He added that the Birmingham man apparently contacted the unlicensed surgeon through one of at least two sites on the Internet promoting voluntary castration.

To the Google-mobile!

Not much luck on Google, at least at first look.  It's all about punishment for sex offenders, or else the same news story linked to above.  One thing I'd forgotten, that most of those Heaven's Gate cult guys had done the chop chop to themselves, before they flew to the UFO with the help of tranquilizer Jello shots.

Next site that looks to have any mention of castration is this one.  And I don't see anything on that, and it looks to have icky piercing photos, though it does have plenty of piercing porn.  Clits and labia and about cocks, oh my. (There are about a dozen different penis piercings, but I find the whole concept so unpleasant I can't even begin to read about it in any detail.)  Tons of user stories also, if you are into that sort of thing.  This one is funny.

About 3 months after my piercing, we were having a romp in the hay when suddenly I felt a sharp tug and a white hot pain shoot through my belly. I looked down to see her stuck face first in my vagina. Somehow the top ball of her tongue ring had slid it's way into my hoop, but it was such a snug fit that she couldn't slid it back out. Her face was such that she couldn't get her fingers close enough to the tongue ring without painfully pulling on my clit.

That site has tons of stuff on castration, far more than I want to read about. A story here from/about a guy who was castrated, sort of against his will.  I don't really enjoy reading it, but it's fascinating, in an abnormal psychology sort of way. He goes into various ways of self-castration, all of which will potentially make you vomit.  I won't even quote them here, other than this one, which is by far the least offensive to the sensibilities.

There are several methods of castration, some of which can be done by relatively inexperienced people. One in particular can be self-inflicted, the Burdizzo bloodless castrator. It is a clamping device that crushes the testicle cords of bulls and rams, resulting in a bloodless atrophy of the testicles. It is available easily from ranch and veterinary supply companies that advertise on the internet.

This is the sort of thing Senators see and then decide that the Internet is nothing but smut and filth that needs to be regulated.  An obvious enough site for information about castration is Eunuch.org.  It's about what you'd expect.

Castration is the actual removal of the balls.  It's not a vasectomy, it's a neutering.  Since testicles are needed for testosterone, not just semen, you're literally un-manning yourself.

About 4 weeks after I was castrated, I lost the ability to have erections. I also found myself experiencing hot flashes. A couple of times while at work, people would notice I was flushing in the face. I lost all sexual interest in males. A friend noticed this when he pointed out a particularly studly specimen at the beach and I failed to respond in my usual slutty manner. My complete lack of response of any kind was noted.

Apparently testosterone shots can get you back to normal functioning though.

If you see a point in cutting off your balls, then taking shots to enable you to do what you could do back when you had them, feel free to point it out.

Anyway, this does seem to prove that there are lots of sites with this sort of info, and that lots of guys have the thoughts.  Just in case you were wondering if there were anything imaginable that some guy wasn't into sexually...  The answer is, of course, "no".


November 19, 2002


Regarding your article about castration, I think it doesn't adequately examine *why* someone would have a logical reason of being castrated.

You may want to add a link to this site.

It's the website of a man who had his penis and testicles surgically removed on an elective basis, doesn't take testosterone shots, and likes the way he is.


I don't think my castration article adequately-examines much of anything, so he's not lying about that.  I also enjoy the opening to use the concept of "inadequate" in relation to castration.  

I have not yet examined this new "happiness is being a Ken doll" link, but at some point I'll look it over and have something to say about that right here, and will then paste that into the castration article.  That's one of the few articles that I haven't added multiple posts to, primarily since I don't have cause to talk about the subject all that often.  Thank god.

I'm assuming the guy must have some huge self-hatred issue.  Most castration is from weird, usually gay, fantasies about having your balls tortured.  Men who have them crushed or cut out (professionally or as part of S&M torture) almost always retain their penis, and with testosterone shots they can still get erections and ejaculate, though not any sperm, obviously.  Sort of a case of not having your cake, but still eating it.  Also, if you don't have testosterone, you lose your male appearance, to some extent. Very old people, men and women, often start to sort of look alike, descending into this stoop-shouldered, toothless, semi-alien appearance, since their gender-reinforcing hormones stop being produced.


Several people (men) who read this update were somewhat agog over it. As one guy related to me the next day:

By the way, may the demons from my upcoming sleepless night haunt you mercilessly.

Hey, I put in disclaimers.  You were all warned. Yes, I love it.

Originally posted June 14, 2002.


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